Life Under The Ice

The Planetary Habitability and Technology Lab at Georgia Tech continues the search for life beyond our Pale Blue Dot. The universe is teeming with worlds we want to understand and one day explore. Here at Georgia Tech, our growing program aims to understand how icy ocean worlds form, evolve, and ultimately could give rise to life.


From ice-diving robots to planetary habitability, learn about our current projects and follow our progress


Meet the engineers, graduate students, field team, postdocs, and undergraduates on our team


We are building a program to understand how icy ocean worlds form, evolve, and may give rise to life



RISE UP is working to explore Antarctica and develop technology to explore other icy ocean worlds in our solar system. The Ross Ice Shelf and Europa Underwater Probe project explores from the McMurdo sea ice to Kamb Ice Stream.


MELT is a collaboration between five universities and the British Antarctic Survey that aims to use autonomous sensors, vehicles (including Icefin), radar, and moorings to monitor the Thwaites ice shelf and grounding line.