Katherine Udell


Georgia Institute of Technology

My current research project involves the tracing and analysis of fractures on Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier in Greenland. Through mapping images spanning across years of the same glacier, we hope to better understand the changes that the glacier goes through over time from the perspective of the change from a solid mass to broken up icebergs. These changes have implications for both our understanding of the Earth’s glaciers and potential effects of a changing climate on their dynamics as well as for other icy bodies in our solar system whose surfaces undergo fracturing.

As an undergraduate in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department at Georgia Tech I am still in the process of exploring all my interests relating to science. So far, my favorite topics include geophysics, planetary geology, and the cryosphere. Overall, I am very interested in exploring all the processes that occur on planetary bodies and am excited to see where the rest of my career in science leads me.